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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 23, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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of showers moving in, 270, parts of montgomery county, northern maryland getting pretty good showers, i expect this will pass through shortly and bring some showers to washington, let's open it up, take a look at the bigger picture notice, off to the north and west, pittsburgh more shower activity that is the upper level low it will spin in here later this afternoon. here is timing on this one. showers next hour or so, sunshine, then more showers kind of redeveloping by mid-to late afternoon they will linger through the evening hours, wind the other big story winds will pick up a wind advisory for counties west, winds gust to 50 miles an hour here in washington they will gust to 35. out of south and west 35, temperature 59 that will bounce around and start to fall, then pressure 29.62 inches. lookout for the winds temperatures 60s falling to 40s by late this afternoon all
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right more details in the forecast and look at the holiday weekend coming up. all right thank you. big story if many of us the great get away >> millions are heading out of town for the holiday weekend. stacy cohen is live at regan national with more. >> reporter: it is nice here still at regan national i have been here all morning this has been the scene for most of the morning a steady stream of people no unreasonable lines at least not yet we've spotted a few cancellations on the board nothing really agregious to discuss let me show you statistics triple-a has out so you can get an idea how many people are travelling. they are expecting a 4% rise in tanks giving travel from last year -- thanksgiving travel, from last year, 92% of those folks, are going to be on the roads, not in the air, overall 42 million of us are going somewhere, for our big holiday,
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now, here is what is happening in the air, you are going to pay more, 20% more for airfares for an average of $212 for a round trip ticket on an airline, make sure you get to the airport early there could be lines, tsa changed regulations with regard to taking your shoes off if you are 12 years old or younger if you have kids they no longer have to take off shoes at security. if you are hitting the roadways, know there will likely be some congestion with a huge amount of the population travelling. law enforcement maryland and virginia will be out in force looking not only for speeding but drunk driving and aggressive driving they are seeking to discourage what is usually a very heavy time of year for accidents. so, pack a little patience i know it is cliche we say it every year, with more people hitting the road, right now is a great time to come to the airport if you miss your flight
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if you are late rebooking a flight will be next to impossible they are full come here early get up a little early have coffee, doughnut once you get here. have a great holiday back to you. >> same to you stacy. >> meanwhile metro is also making sure your travel plans go smoothly the transit agency will provide extra buses on the route which serves dulles international airport buses are ready to go as needed between the green belt metro station and bwi airport metro asks you keep in mind metro rail will operate on a sunday schedule tomorrow opening 7:00 a.m. and closing at midnight. then on friday, back to normal week day schedule for riders. amtrak says today will be its busiest day of the year last year more than 134,000 passengers took to the rails today the transit agency plans to run every passen jr. rail car in its fleet -- passenger rail car in its fleet to meet
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demand. new this morning a school bus driver in southern maryland called a hero, students onboard say he shouted a warning to them seconds before they were hit by a pick up truck then he was able to keep the bus up right as it careened into the woods this happened last night st. mary's county members of the great mills high school basketball team were on the bus. 15 of them went to the hospital with bumps and bruises, to two people in a car also hit were hurt. the driver of the truck was charged on the scene with dui. >> now to the hunt for a woman on a crime spree in northern virginia police say within a matter of days, she has robbed two banks and carjacked a woman shopper at tyson's corn tore latest bank hold up happened -- corner, the latest bank hold up happened tuesday. last friday she robbed a bank in manassas she was driving a
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stolen 2003 silver acura with virginia tags, xek 8095 if you have any information call police. georgetown student one of three americans under arrest in egypt for throwing molotov cocktails during demonstrations in cairo. he is a junior at georgetown but from missouri he inturned for a missouri congressman who is working towards his release. meantime we continue 20 follow the developing story in egypt, misare clashing with anti government protestors for a fifth straight day nearly 40 people have been killed hundreds injured since saturday. demonstrators want military rulers to hand over power to an interim civilian council until elections for a new parliament and president can be held. >> occupy wall street
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protestors who walked from new york to dc spent the night at freedom plaza, about 40 demonstrators with what is called occupy the highway arrived in the nations capitol yesterday afternoon. they originally planned to get here today when the super committee was supposed to have voted on deficit cutting measures but they failed to come up with any deal a dispointing end not lost on the protestors [ yelling ] >> university of california officials announce they will pay the medical expenses of students who were pepper sprayed during a nonviolent occupy protest last week. university system will create an advisory panel to look into the incident authorities decided the drop charges against the 10 people arrested on campus of uc davis more calls for the school's chancellor to resign. race for the white house republicans continue their grueling debate schedule, gop presidential candidates faced off last night here in
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washington for the 11th time. doug luzader recap it is action. >> reporter: at this point it i whether the top candidates in the race including newt gingrich gets to stay there. >> perhaps no one's appearance was more anticipated here than newt gingrich he delivered again the type of debate performance that has driven his sudden rise in the polls at times, questioning the questions. >> i am confused exactly what we are currently debating. >> reporter: with the field still in flux the focus was foreign affairs beyond gingrich more divisions emerged on a number of fronts including afghanistan, this between romney and huntsman. >> are you suggesting we take our troops out next week. >> did you hear what i just said? draw down from 100,000 we don't need that many troops. >> reporter: all of them blasted the president over his
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efforts to contain iran. romney said israel would be the first country he would visit as president trying to shore up conservative support heading into the iowa caucus. ron paul, striking his familiar libertarian themes to applause. gingrich didn't endeer himself to the party's base or others on the stage by supporting immigration amnesty. >> the party that says it is the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy that destroys families who have been here for a quarter century. >> on the question of electability, beating president obama, mitt romney is still the choice among republican voters. feel like celebrating the holiday early find out where to get a free turkey burger coming up. >> i bet i can guess. >> okay. >> then holly is helping us
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prepare for the thanksgiving feast, 2011 recipe round upcoming up next apple crisp and pecan pie. we will be right back 9:09 a.m.
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all morning long holly has been making great thanksgiving day dishes for her annual recipe round up. >> she is moving on to desserts that only need five main ingredients that is the theme this year. >> well, i tried to get them to change it i wanted to do five desserts but they wouldn't go for it. we are going to do two desserts and you are right they each have five ingredients here is my big tip if you are fixing thanksgiving dinner, clean as you go. my man bill doing the dishes how is it going. >> that dish washing drudgery. >> keeps giving.
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>> we are thankful for you. how about that. >> denise and daniel are up here doing our first dessert. >> apple crisp. >> very good. >> denise is going the work on topping let's go over the ingredients first rolled oats, cinnamon, butter, brown sugar and of course, the apples. >> what kind? >> these are honey crisps. >> my favorite. >> sure sure. you can do any kind of apple that is a good baking apple it will disintegrate into mush avoid it, but using brown cinnamon, butter oats together to make the top i am taking some of the brown sugar and cinnamon and mixing it with the apple. >> did you have to put lemon juice on your apples to make sure they don't brown. >> you are cooking them any way doesn't matter if you work with it get it done right away and put it in the own you have at least 30 minutes -- put it in the oven you have at least 30 minutes before you have a problem.
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>> all right. >> so we will work on this i will pass it off to bill. >> oh, bill you can take the dish washing gloves off and come on over. >> my favorite dessert is always ice cream, always room for ice cream. >> exactly. >> so we have a really nice ice cream dish here, five ingredients, vanilla, we have bittersweet chocolate, we have some cream, we have a premade, pecan pie. i like that. thinking outside the box. >> finally bourbon. >> i love to cook with bourbon some times i even put it in the food. >> kidding. >> so we are going to put the -- bittersweet chocolate in there, put it in the microwave. >> don't burn the chocolate that is easy to do. >> exactly you want it just to melt a little bit and get the chunks out as that melts down we will add in the cream, whisk it all together add in a shot
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of bourbon and have our topping for our pecan pie, vanilla ice cream and drizzle it over the top. so we will see how we do here and get this done quickly. >> i love that you call this an ice cream dessert, where as some might call this a pie dessert with a topping of ice cream. >> you work on that. >> this apple crisp is going into the oven i will pull out the one we made earlier. >> this will take 30 minutes. >> okay that is not too bad and make your kitchen smell wonderful of course. >> a couple tasting forks. >> here we go. >> okay we are almost out of time be careful take a little bite of this. >> wow that is good stuff. >> our website we have all of our recipes from our recipe round up online so you can get them done meanwhile i will let bill maybe i set you back with the dish washing >> i don't know. that's right we are still going. >> we will taste it coming u7
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before the end of the -- up before the end of the hour we will go through the menu taste everything and tell you what we are thankful for before this comes up. >> holly you are getting a free, thanksgiving, thanksgiving meal. >> we see what you are doing. >> you are on to me. darn it. >> thank you much. >> well, there is a thanksgiving day treat available today at one popular burger joint i think you picked the one you got to work for it. >> z burgers man they are smart they are offering free turkey burgers to anyone who says gobble gobble or does their best turkey impression for the cashier. >> what would that be. >> turkey impression? >> gobble gobble gobble. >> oh, like that you have to do both of them. >> one or the other. >> gobble gobble or turkey impression. >> from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today. >> my turkey impression would be just trying to run out of wherever it is. >> yeah.
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>> just say gobble gobble. >> talking like a bird won't help you cook one but if you have questions cooking your feast butter ball is holding its annual turkey talk line, call to speak with an expert open through december. >> we give you that number every year this one is new. what to do if you over indulge on thanksgiving well, the washington sports clubs will be launching their first ever don't be a butter ball hotline talk to a trainer about some budge fighting tips calling ... we have three different numbers here my script,. >> the screen is right,. >> 855 i am full call that number you can get a free one week pass to the club the hotline is open 3:00 p.m. today until midnight friday. >> i like that. >> pudge fighting tips.
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>> yep. >> as soon as thanksgiving is over the focus switches to shopping we are helping you prepare for black friday ahead of time we will head to the smart phone zone for the top five aps for savvy shoppers. >> first today's trivia question, the first department store to hold a thanksgiving day parade was montgomery morgue, marshall field, macy's, gimballs. >> remember them? >> fox 5 morning news is back after the break 
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whether you are planning to hit the stores on black friday or spend alone time with your computer and a credit card one thing you will want handy is your smart phone. >> lauren joins us with her list of the top 5 aps for savvy shoppers good morning. >> good morning you guys if you are going to wake up early and stand out in the cold you might as well be prepared arm
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yourself with aps my favorite is one that i talked about this time last year we are bringing it back it is called tgi black friday. search by storeclick on each one for a list of all of their holiday deals now if there is a circular for the store, scanned into the ap for you pull them up right there on your phone search by category so you are looking for a home theatre system see what kind of variety retailers are offering and do some comparison shopping it even included some rumors, if there is buzz about a possible sale you get to see the unconfirmed report and decide if you want to go out and take your chances. >> push notification they will pop up and alert you to the latest deals and updates see i have already been getting some this week the pages of the best deals, or the deals leaked by best buys that is exciting. >> tgi cyber monday as well this is a separate ap if you plan on doing most of your shopping online, keep it in
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your back pocket for next week both tgi black friday and tgi cyber monday are free and available for iphone and android users. >> i want to quickly run through three other aps great for black friday and cyber monday but they can be used any time of year. sale locator this one is all about your location pulls up lists of the deals at all stores near you and displays them on a map. sale locator is extremely detailed and easy to use helps you plan out your shopping day the only thing with this one while it does a great job of alerting you to all the deals, every once in awhile you need a physical coupon for that i recommend this oldie but goodie simply called the coupons ap it isn't as user friendly not as sleek but has a few important features including coupons. the coupon ap will let you scan bar codes to see if items are
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available through ramson for a -- through amazon for a better price we mentioned it yesterday in our 8:00 a.m. hour google shopper this ap is one you want to pull out again while you are in the store you scan bar codes for a comprehensive list of all the places selling a product both local brick and mortar storeonline, make sure you get the best bargains, it is amazing because for a lot of products, you don't even need a bar code, google stopper will recognize the covers of books and dvds and other items as well those are my top 5 all free and available for iphone and android for the links head to look on the morning page for the smart phone zone i have a little bonus if you pick anyone up from the airport check out the flight view ap. >> so lauren, so, you have the item you literally put your smart phone up to it and scan the bar code and see if that is the best price. >> you got it. >> and that is not the only one
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just google shopper is comprehensive even just the bar code scanner ap that comes on your droid or red laser for the iphone. that is what is great about your segment lauren it is extremely useful times are tight people need ways to save money thank you very much. late night tv host fallon issuing an apology to congress woman michelle bachmann after she appeared on his show he may soon be apologizing to other former guests as well. we will explain after the break >> local holiday tradition celebrating a major milestone we go behind the scenes at one of the hottest shows in town >> i didn't expect them to be so little. >> stay with us. we will be right back 
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a light hearted stop on the campaign trail leads to an apology from jimmy fallon it said i am sorry to michelle
9:29 am
bachmann over the choice of song his late night band played as she came on stage. >> please welcome minnesota congress woman michelle bachmann [ applause ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> you might not recognize the tune i don't but it is a song by the group fish bone about a woman who is portrayed as a liar and uses some expletives in its title. >> oh. >> this isn't the first time the band has taken liberties with song choice for certain guests washington post says they played debutt when is he rear that williams was on -- serena williams was on and milli vanilli tune after ashley
9:30 am
simpson lip synched. >> as the guest is walking out >> i wonder who caught that >> i don't know did michelle bachmann's. >> it is them being cute and creative. >> a couple weeks ago at a ravens steelers game in pittsburgh they were in a time out, joe flacco the quarterback for the reigns they put a picture of him up and played what is your name little girl. >> that wasn't nice. >> harsh. >> that is harsh. >> but this used -- up for the amusement of the audience and those in the know. >> now he is saying i'm sorry. >> might be appropriate for thing to do that one. >> okay. >> i wonder if serena williams >> seems like it was the right complained about hers. >> i bet she didn't. >> she is proud of it. >> she works hard for that butt. >> this we go. now we got inappropriate. >> the rain is moving in,. >> she is an athlete it is all muscle >> i think she would rather be
9:31 am
known for her great tennis play wouldn't she alison? >> moving through at the moment, 95, green belt, college park, shower activity, bethesda getting showers light moderate showers moving through at a quick pace out of here, south and east of the city, prince georges county, more showers and a break and see if the shower fills back in. day of transition, let's switch maps, the bigger picture again cold front moving through in a series of waves, first one came through overnight, very heavy rain, now we are dealing with a couple left overs, batches of rain that little piece i showed you the close up later today the uple level low, spinning out to the north and west will squeak through we might see some sunshine don't be fooled if you see it we have the possibility of a few more late afternoon showers and i can see this even if you don't see
9:32 am
shower activity you will see the wind out there. winds will pick up out of the west, north and west tonight and that will pump in, cooler and much drier air so big changes today in fact the wind advisory to the west. show you that here in a second. >> temperatures bouncing around up to 63 washington, 63 annapolis, 63 leonard town 50s off to the north and west, 55 frederick, 50 cumberland maryland. cooler air rushes in, temperature will start to fall late they are afternoon i think by 5, 6 tonight upper 40s bring along a jacket don't be fooled by the spring like weather. >> wind advisory, non- washington here in town, winds 35 miles per hour later today gusts up to 50 mountains to the west, if you are headed out west to get out of town thanksgiving holiday. your forecast, am pm
9:33 am
showers some sun becoming windy your temperature will fall. winds out of the west, 15 to 20, gusting to 35 later tonight cold, 41 in town 30s off to the north and west lots of clouds, early shower clear out late tonight and winds north and west gusting to 35. blustery and cold later tonight. here is your forecast, tomorrow absolutely fabulous for thanksgiving temperatures mid- 50s. a lot of sunshine and lighter winds, check out friday, saturday and sunday low to mid- 60s. that is nice, for end of november again we are expecting a lot of sunshine friday and saturday, should be dry here keep our fingers crossed everybody coming back from grandma's sunday night that a look at the forecast alison and tony. thanks. this morning our stacy cohen is live at rethan national airport. she is pulling some double duty. >> a holiday tradition
9:34 am
celebrating a major milestone 50th anniversary of washington ballet's nutcracker she got a behind the scenes look stacy do tell. >> what a great assignment i got a chance to talk to the folks at washington ballet holidays are part tradition for many families seeing the nutcracker is part of their holiday tradition i got a great opportunity to go behind the scenes with the artistic director and meet some incredible children, that are really part of what makes the washington ballet's nutcracker so special. >> inside these well worn sneakers are the feet of a fee nom. he has earned a reputation as a dynamic dancer and outstanding advocate for the arts. >> careful with the arms. >> a man who very nearly leapt into a different profession entirely >> i thought i was going to become a lawyer.
9:35 am
>> washington has plenty of those. what weber is developing is more of these inside these slippers, are the feet of ballet's future. >> dancing makes me happy because when you are feeling upset you can just dance and feel relaxed and then you come home happy. >> his happiness comes courtesy of the washington ballet's far reaching scholarship program both he and kennedy jackson dance at the ark in southeast washington. >> when you dance it makes you feel so calm like, plies they make you like oh, graceful, oh, let's calm down today if you are having a really bad day. >> all those plies and pirouettes are funded by the nutcracker performance. while admitting he is glad it only comes once a year, weber manages to channel the children's excitement. >> to see a little mouse grow
9:36 am
up to be a party child and move to be a toy soldier and her aspirations of being clara one day. >> clara is the child in the ballet who gets a toy nutcracker that is the subject of magical dreamscapes on christmas eve. not so much the magic in the mind of the city kid dreaming of becoming a professional dancer. >> i want to be an adult that doesn't like sit on the couch and do nothing. watch tv all the time. just get out and have fun. >> or the vision of a ballet veteran who believes everyone who has roots in the city should have equal access to flying high. >> that's it. good. >> without the wings, without the imagination to sore, life is lacking some exuberant we provide those wings. >> what do you want for
9:37 am
christmas. >> good question i want more art in the world. >> opening nights on this 50th anniversary is thanksgiving day. >> it is a great performance, webers nutcracker is set in the late 1800s in washington an extra special bonus if you haven't seen it i urge you to try to i am blessed to know some little girls performing in the nutcracker they work many many hours a day many days a week even those who don't grow up to be professional dancers ands leash a lot of discipline and wonder -- learn a lot of discipline and wonderful posture as well. alison, tony i hope you get a chance to check it out. >> that piece and those little people in there. >> oh, thanks stacy. >> sure. >> okay. that was very moving. >> it was. >> great. >> arsenic in apple juice claims by tvs. dr. oz sparks debate the food and drug administration has new details.
9:38 am
>> coming up next. plus an early holiday miracle, wow. incredible footage we will show you again a holiday miracle after the effort to take up a massive christmas tree takes a dangerous turn aaron, you're all set. great, thanks.
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scary scene in new zealand a helicopter pilot trying to install a 7 story tall christmas tree when the chopper blades got caught in cables and the back of the helicopter snapped amazingly the pilot walked away without serious injuries. hard to watch that. new details from the food and drug administration about arsenic in our apple juice. >> tvs dr. oz started a debate last september after claiming it contained unsafe levels of arsenic the fda said 95% of
9:42 am
juice samples between 2005 and 2011 had low levels they now said there were 8 samples mostly from the u.s. that contained high levels of arsenic fda made an about face saying it was mostly inorganic the exact opposite what they first said. seems they are confirming what he was saying if i understand that correctly. >> right. >> and how much apple juice have we all -- >> let's not think about that. >> okay. >> forensic analysis of casey an know any and her family, how dr. keith ablo describes his new book he will join us live to talk about it coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> holly wraps up a day of delicious dishes, fox 5 morning news will be right back it is 9:43 a.m. 
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>> it is perhaps one of the most sensational cases since oj simpson yet months after the non-guilty verdict many unanswered questions remain about casey anthony and the death of her daughter caylee. there is a new book out called inside the mind of casey anthony and the forensic psychologist and tv host joins us dr. keith good morning good to see you. >> good morning thanks. >> let's talk about the book and the time we have, basically it patterns -- looks at her patterns before this death of her daughter and after and you put a portrait of this woman together for us can you tell us about it? >> yes, i was moved to write this book, because people looked at casey anthony and said how could it be, how can
9:47 am
her daughter be missing let alone whether she killed her how could she be missing and she is out partying, entering a hot body contest and winning, well, the answer is in the book she had been so psychologically decimated by her family of origin it was as though she were not there. she already had buried herself so deeply she could do anything with immunity or impunity and feel no remorse. >> you said something interesting you said people asked how she could have killed her daughter let me ask you, after going through thousands of papers, documents, to put this portrait together, she is guilty of that? >> i put forward five theorys in this book as to how caylee anthony may have died i made clear, theory number one which has casey anthony deciding it is better than her daughter die than live with her grandparents which i believe is what casey anthony thought was about to
9:48 am
happen she was going to lose custody of her daughter that is the theory that fits psychologically i am not a jury or judge but if you ask me what makes sense psychologically when she learned her mother was going to try the take custody of that little girl she said it is better if she be dead. >> you paint the picture of her parents as being enablers the mother cindy very controlling and about their refusele to look at facts in front of them, and the main one being at a certain point when their daughter was 7 months pregnant they were in denial can you talk about the parents. >> exactly see for these parents their daughter didn't exist it is like charles manson said from the stand you can't kill me he said i am already dead. casey an though think had already been spiritually an nigh lated, killed by her parents yes, they didn't know she was 7 months pregnant or did she know they were in so much denial of her as a human being when she finally got tested and came to her mother
9:49 am
and father all they felt they said was joy they were going to have a grandchild they felt so much joy they didn't investigate who the dad might be you know why? that is irrelevant to them their daughters life story is irrelevant. she is a throw away, she is just a conduit by which they can get a grandchild to dote upon. it is the most horrific story i have come across in my career. >> the book is called inside the mind of casey anthony thanks for joining us today to talk about it. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> tony, fascinating. you are right. >> in other news, the district serving up thanksgiving a day early for its needy residents the 12th annual feast of sharing will include a job fair, free health screening,
9:50 am
flu vaccines, diabetes testing. it is sponsored by safeway 5 0u district residents are expected to -- 5,000 district residents are expected to attend. holly morris wraps up herres pee round up segment. >> she has been making dishes that only require five main ingredients. >> we have been doing this nine years now every year is special and different, it makes dinner perhaps a little less intimidating. you just have to know the right people to teach you i am thankful for them. the culinary director for the metropolitan cooking and entertainment show and bill and denise medved are the founders of that show and hosts here for the sect year in a row thank you. we have quite the feast here daniel, right now you are
9:51 am
carving our turkey first thing i want to get from you for people at home a few carving tips. >> take off the legs very easy to find the joint here on either side and pull it off or use your hands that will work fine as long as no one sees you do it. same with the wings with the breast if you want to do it from the bird table side cut a line down either side of the backbone and slice across. it is fine to take off the breast in one piece. >> have it ready to go. >> i know everybody gets caught up, but you can be practical if you want. >> i wanted to ask you here is our wonderful menu of everything we did what was the most challenging to keep to five ingredients. >> three sister succotash three of the five ingredients were the three ingredients, between that and the pie, because everybody always wants to make
9:52 am
pie for thanksgiving you can't do pie in five ingredients we bought it and treated it as one ingredient. >> and kicked it up a notch. >> with your own topping. >> if you were with us earl yes we didn't have time to taste it look there happens to be a piece in front of me let me do that. as i do that i want to add, bill and denise a lot of people like to have the nice wine with their thanksgiving meal what is a good one to have. >> i like a white wine with my turkey and daniel what is your selection for a red? >> this time of year, boujolais. >> keep talking i am eating my pie >> i always thought it was a nice bottle of champagne. >> there is something special about this champagne. >> see it is nice to have a special little family tradition. >> and this may be a good time
9:53 am
to use your good dishes. >> absolutely. >> get it out and then they will be able to wash it all. >> so, without further adoe we always like to take this time each year to quickly say with a we are thankful for we have 30 seconds start being you. >> oh, i think family, especially my mom who is 87 and denise's mom who is 80 great to have them around and celebrate thanksgiving with. fabulous. >> family, friends, our employees and the military. >> very good. >> my wife, daughter, parents and sibling and bill and denise and metropolitan cooking and entertaining show. >> you have to be thankful you got to cook in jeans and a t- shirt. >> the best way. >> last but no least what am i thankful for thing that is make my life better, dvr, seat warmers in the car and i am digging these maternity pants i
9:54 am
think i will wear them every thanksgiving because there is lots of room for expansion but on a serious note things that make my life better obviously the people i work with, every day they just are a joy, paul who sets up everything wonderful people i get to interview like you and joel collins who helped produce this segment and my wonderful family that i just couldn't exist without my husband who i thank as a blessing daily and my own little butter ball that is coming any day. you really can come any day. so, there you go another recipe round up successful next year will be our 10th anniversary can you believe it. >> we are thankful for you holly happy thanksgiving. >> all right tucker is here he has a final check of weather when we come back. >> all righty and we will reveal the answer to our trivia question today, here it is again, which department store held the very first thanksgiving day parade the
9:55 am
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now the answer to today's trivia question the first department store to hold a thanksgiving day parade. >> i was wrong. >> gimballs. >> it started in 1920 at the philadelphia store they closed in the 80s but other sponsors have take on the event. don't know how long macy's has done it chevy news about macy's -- i have news about macy's, preparations under way for this big event. don't rain on my parade as these youngsters practiced in a downpour for the annual parade. it shouldn't be raining there tomorrow i am told right tucker but there is a slight concern
9:59 am
wind gusts might keep the massive parade balloons grounded. >> i think hay will be okay. they will be between 5 and 10. you can see the clouds rolling through washington dc bringing with it showers moving through the district in the last 15 minutes a few more rain showers actually a little sunshine later today maybe a few more rain showers wait until tomorrow, bright sunshine, friday, saturday, sunday 60s. >> macy's starting in 1926, 6 years after gimballs. >> i am impressive, fast math >> i won't be here tomorrow happy thanksgiving. >> you want to celebrate with your own family? >> of course. >> we will be with our fox 5 family >> i want to say hi to my family in studio today happy thanksgiving it's time for "th williams show". today, chaz


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